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Featured Couple: William and Ekaterina

19. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

William: "Ekaterina and I found each other on September 2011 within about a week of each of us joining the site. From the time I first saw her profile, I could not get her out of my mind especially when I discovered we have virtually every interest in common. Since Katy is fluent in English it made communication easy. We both love to ski, skate, white water raft, target shoot, sketch, work out and renovate houses. Even our differences tend to complement each other.  


I was not looking for a girl with young children since my last child had just left home, but I realized helping bring up her two children would only add depth to our relationship. From the time we found each other we communicated almost daily, in email and especially video chat. We discovered we could not only finish each others sentences but could start them – knowing what the other was about to say – and would laugh, saying “How do we do this?” We discovered our amazing compatibility by communicating intensely for nine months before meeting in person. In this way, we were able to explore things in a level of detail that most people never do.


I visited Katy in Ukraine in May 2012, and it was not like meeting for the first time so much as it was a reunion of lovers after a long absence. We spent time with her children and we were effortlessly a family. After a couple of weeks together, I told Katy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, that I could not imagine being with anyone else, and she agreed. We shopped for an engagement ring together in Zhitomir. We are now planning the next visits and she is working on her visa.


I am very pleased with this site – I joined several but this is the best by far.  I found many good friends on the site but the best result is that I truly found the ONE girl for me. The site provides a wonderful service, has the best girls, and I will be eternally grateful for finding Katy."


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