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Featured Lady: Mermaidsonya, 20 y.o. Student from Dnepropetrovsk

26. September 2013 by Admin 0 Comments

Meet Mermaidsonya, Hot Russian Brides’ newest featured lady! This dazzling brunette is explorer looking for a smart and gentle man.

Here’s what Mermaidsonya had to say in her extended interview:

What is the most exciting part of online dating?

I think it is process of corresponding and knowing something new about each other and finding common interests with a person who is so far from you!


What do you find most appealing in a man?

I think the main in man is his brain!!! He need to be smart and really gentle! And of course hands! I adore strong man and strong hands.


Why have you chosen to seek a husband from another country?

Men from abroad is more open and I think they value family and traditions! You know there is such saying - We can have many people around us and still be lonely... but I do not want to try it on my own... That is why I am here – I want to find my beloved and my special man... no matter from what country he is!


What is your idea of a perfect date? 


I imagine how he will take my hand and it will be really very late, but very beautiful night. He will put his arm around me, I will rest my head on his shoulder and we will walk slowly under the moonlight. The sky will be clear and we can see the millions of stars sparkling in the heavens, each one shouting to tell it’s own story. They are so beautiful, but they do not shine as much as the sparkle in my eyes. He is very warm and he feel so good this close to me, almost as if he is a part of me. It is very quiet, except for the little creatures of the night calling out for their soul mates; they call out for love just like we do! We do not have to speak, just enjoy our silence and let our minds and thoughts drift away to a magical place where every moment is happy and there is no loneliness or disappointment. For that evening, this will be our place; nobody can come here except him and me!...


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