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Featured Lady: SugarPie828, 26 y.o. Fashion Designer from Armyansk

21. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Start your week off right with Hot Russian Brides’ newest Featured Lady! Meet SugarPie828, a passionate, adventurous woman who has lived in the United States and is searching for her second half.

Why have you decided to search for love online?
I decided to search for love online because it is the easiest way for a lady to find a real man who is far away and especially because it is a good way to save time for both a man and a woman. The modern technologies help us a lot and I asked myself why not try this new modern way of communication. In real life you sometimes can’t say many things but chatting gives you the opportunity to be yourself and not pretend to like people as you sometimes do in real life.

Do you prefer email or chat?
I prefer chat as well as email. It seems to me for some people it is easier to express all their thoughts through email. For others, chatting is the best remedy. That’s why for me it does not really matter what way the man will choose to communicate. Any way is okay with me.

What types of photos do you like to see from the men you are talking to?
I prefer to see real pictures of men from real life. I wanna see their parents, their siblings, the area they live in, their pets. For me, it is easier to understand a man, his habits, his way of thinking, his accuracy, his purposes in life, etc. when he sends these kind of photos instead of professional ones.

What are the qualities that you seek in your partner that are important to you?
There are many qualities of character in a future husband that are important to me. Number one is the ability to love me and to be a down to earth person, to have mutual understanding and the same targets for the future (like when to have kids, to take or not take a loan for buying a house, etc), to trust each other and not to be jealous cause of the things or people who are not worthy of it.

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