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Feel Younger in Yalta at The Glade of Fairy Tales

2. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

In a lush forest reserve, where a river runs under a magnificent mountain, shaped by a thunderous waterfall, sits an open air museum known as The Glade of Fairy Tales. Nearly 300 whimsical sculptures carved by the best craftsman are scattered across this picturesque place. The characters are from Russian, Ukrainian and even Western folklore, fairy tales, and literature.


The park was first opened for visitors in 1970 and it quickly became a popular new place for recreation with around 100 guests each day. As word spread and excitement grew about this relaxing and enjoyable location, expansion was permitted and today the glade welcomes over 150 thousand visitors each year. Many love the scenery so much, they choose to stay overnight at the quaint, yet modern, wooden cottages of the Polyana Skazok Hotel.


The Glade of Fairy Tales entrance is guarded by 30 knights armed with spears and shields from Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Ludmila”. A large rock sits before the gate that informs guests, "If you go to the left you would lose your horse, if you go to the right you would get lost, if you go straight ahead you would get to the fairy tale." Once inside, visitors stroll along tree lined pathways and admire the handiwork of sculptors from all over the world. Each character has been incorporated into the surrounding natural landscape.


Guided tours are offered to educate guests about the stories behind the sculptures, and there is also a summer theater with hourly shows. Some of the most popular characters are depicted by actors, such as Baba Yaga, the witch-like woman from Slavic folklore. Say the magic word and Baba Yaga will emerge from her hut which sits upon chicken legs.


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Photos: Polyana-Skazok.org.ua