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Fire Safety Concerns in Moscow Affect New Year's Eve Celebrations

29. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

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Russian partygoers hoping to ring in the New Year at a popular bar, nightclub, or restaurant may have to reconsider their plans. Safety inspectors forced more than 200 Moscow venues to temporarily close their doors after discovering a series of fire safety violations. The unexpected closures lead to a series of event cancellations.

The amount of time a venue must remain closed varies from business to business. Some cannot resume operations for 90 days while others have been able to reopen after 10. The closure time is in direct correlation to the number and severity of a venue’s fire safety violations.  

The inspections come in reaction to a fatal fire at a Perm nightclub in early December, a blaze that killed over a hundred people and injured over a hundred more. The initial flames, sparked by onstage fireworks, caused a panicked stampede towards the nightclub’s only exit. The incident is eerily similar to America’s Station nightclub fire in 2003.


Source: Moscow News