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First Impressions Count: Make the Most of Your Profile

23. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Female veterans of online dating know the horror stories: The man in the profile picture looks more like his dad in person. Username Testarosa drives a beat-up Saturn. And all those shirtless men – both the six-pack abs and six-pack guts – are clicked right over.


So how do you stand out in the crowd while staying true to yourself?


Careful there, Studmuffin07

You may indeed be the world’s biggest stud, but many women will skip over a username hints (or shouts) about prowess in the bedroom. Russian women especially value a man who appears trustworthy, stable and emotionally available.


Alas, Poorme00

Other men try to express self-deprecation or wackiness in their user name. Bear in mind that people whose first language isn’t English simply may not get it. If you call yourself Psychoboy or Biggestloser, and she writes back, “I can tell by your name that you’re a good man for me!”, it’s likely she doesn’t have a clue what the words mean.


Get the picture!

So no one’s taken a good picture of you since your high school yearbook? Stressed that your hairline is retreating like the tide? Get over it: Put on a clean shirt, comb the hair you have, clean up your face and smile for the camera. A lady wants to know what you really look like. That means now. To do anything less is deceitful, disrespectful and you’ll both end up disappointed.


Fortunately, Russian women are known for valuing men for who they are inside. Isn’t that refreshing? Go upload a new picture, write a sincere username, and come browse our gallery of gorgeous women.