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For Guys: 5 Tips for Uploading the Right Profile Picture

17. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Bad Photo Dude!

Your profile pictures are the first impression that our ladies have of you. If you don't take the time to submit good photos, or at least complementary ones, you risk coming across as a person that is not really intersted in a relationship. We have put together 5 tips to help you upload the right photos to your HotRussianBrides.com profile:


Guy Tip #1: Focus on You – When uploading photos to your profile, make sure that you only upload photos of you and not of you and your friends, especially if your friends are female. Think of this as your one shot to make a good first impression and put the time into it. Groom yourself. Brush your hair. Wear a clean shirt. You are trying to ATTRACT ladies, not repel them. Also, if you want people to get to know you better, upload photos of your house, your pets and your hobbies. But be honest.


Guy Tip #2: Be Casual – Post a casual photo, just like as if you are ready to go on a first date or family gathering. Avoid the corporate mug shots where you might look too… corporate.


Guy Tip #3: No Shameful Photos – Even if you have a dynamite body, no one wants to meet your privates before they meet you. Don’t upload nude pictures of yourself. Also, don’t post photos of you passed out in a bathroom or wasted in someone’s backyard.


Guy Tip #4: Wear Complementary Colors – Wear colors that complement your skin tone. Forget what’s in style and wear what makes you look good.  If you are not sure, ask co-workers or friends to point you in the right direction.


Guy Tip #5: Think Like a Photographer – You don’t have to a professional photographer, but since this how people will “meet you” take the time to ensure that the lighting is good, that your eyes aren’t red from the flash and that you are in focus. Also, the background in a photo makes a difference. Try different backgrounds and make sure nothing is taking attention away from you or that random objects are not sticking out of your head.