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For the Aussies: Scientists Say Australian Men Need Russian Brides

11. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

A study released earlier this year seems to suggest that a Russian bride could be just what Australian men need to enhance their quality of life.


The study, published in June in The Journal of Psychology and Aging, found that men from down under are apt to find retirement life lonely and isolating. The study’s results were based on a survey of 377 Australian men and women aged 50-66 years-old.


The same study concluded that Australian men were good at planning for their financial security in their retirement, but not as good at planning for their happiness. The study’s authors said that a man’s involvement in social and leisure activities in his pre-retirement years is a good predictor of how active he will be after retirement.


For this reason, it makes sense that Australian men should seek a Russian bride. Some less-scientific reports suggest that men from down under are among the best-looking in the world. And anyone who has browsed HotRussianBrides.com can easily see that Russia produces some of the best-looking women. It seems to make sense that a Russian lady would strive to meet a man who knows the Outback.


Finding a Russian woman online can be done just as easily in Australia as any other place in the world. Once you find that one special lady, there are many helpful resources that can assist you in acquiring a visa for your Russian bride and all else you will need to bring her home.


So why wait? Get started now in your search to find that special Russian woman who will bring meaning and happiness to your life.


Source: Medical News Today