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Four Tips that Will Increase Your Chances of an Email Reply

14. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Successful email dialog is crucial during the courtship process through an online dating site. Below are four tips that will help men get better and more honest responses from the ladies they are trying to woo.


Be a Gentleman

A common mistake men make is being too forceful or too vulgar. This is a big turnoff as it makes the man seem brutish and uncouth. Remember, you can attract more bees with honey. Be a gentleman when you correspond or chat with a lady and your chances for a reply will greatly increase. Start slow, compliment her, ask her questions and let her show you she is interested in you before professing your undying love. After reading her profile, we recommend watching her introduction video (if she has one) so that you can ask her specific questions about things she finds important.


Keep First Few Emails Short

Avoid overwhelming your lady with a long-winded exposition about your life and history, especially in the first few emails to her. Your emails should be short and sweet and should both excite and entice your lady to write back. Be mysterious and intriguing and let the conversation develop naturally. Don’t share too much information about yourself too soon, as it can be a turn off and will cut the “getting to know you” process off almost entirely. Think of how movies are promoted: your emails should be trailers that make her want to go see the whole thing.


Don’t Overreact

Emails can be easy to misinterpret, especially when you are corresponding with a person from a different country. Idioms and sayings vary from culture to culture and slang terms we use everyday could be grossly misunderstood. If your lady sends you an email that doesn’t make sense or that upsets you, take a minute to try and interpret what she is saying. If you still don’t feel right about it, ask her what she meant and give her a chance to explain. A good way to clarify this is through a video chat conversation, that way you can see her facial expressions.


Don’t Overhype Yourself

We all do it. We like to market ourselves as we think others will accept us. Resist the urge to lie about your age, post ten year old pictures of yourself or embellish what you do for a living. By representing yourself openly and honestly you are more likely to develop a relationship that could turn into something lasting. Don’t be ashamed of who you are.