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Four Top Russian Dating Tips

1. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Not sure where to start with Russian dating? Our tips can help you find your bearings and start looking for your perfect mate:


Be Open to the Experience

Can women this sexy possibly be real? Why is a lady like that messaging a man like me? Some gentlemen, at first, can feel that Hot Russian Brides is too good to be true. The truth is, Ukrainian and Russian women put a lot of effort into how they look – as a result, many do look like models! And, on a site like HRB, there’s a lot of competition to meet the newest gentlemen, so, ladies will often make the first move instead of the other way around. 


Know What You Want

It can be a little overwhelming to sort through pages and pages of beautiful women.  But, if you go in with an idea of what you are looking for in a mate, your search becomes a lot more manageable. Think about factors like the general age group where you might find compatible ladies, the level of proficiency with English you’re comfortable with, religion, and others. Using an advanced search and focusing on what you really want in a lady can narrow your search and make it more likely that you will find the one who is perfect for you.


Be Genuine and Open in Your Communications

For romantic success, always be yourself. Don’t be tempted to play the sorts of romantic games that some dating guides will recommend – these sorts of ploys always fall flat.


Also, be sure that you are relaxed, warm and inviting in your messages. Sending messages demanding that the lady “prove” that she is real, or questioning her intentions right off the bat is off-putting, and can chill a budding romance.


You Need to Put Yourself Out There to Succeed

Flipping through photos of the beautiful ladies is a fun pastime, but, it’s not going to get you any further in your quest to find a lady to share your life. A gentleman needs to reach out, make contact and make the relationship progress.


By the same token, always know in the back of your mind that you will someday have to make the trip to Ukraine to meet in person. Be preparing by reading up on travel to Ukraine, learning a bit of the language and getting it all in order for you to go.


But, the longest journey starts with a single step. And here, that first step is joining and making a profile


What are you waiting for? Join now, she’s waiting for you.