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From Your First Message to Tying the Knot: The Expanded Guide to Courting Ukrainian Women

9. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

success storyInternational dating, in many important ways, is very much like any other dating experience. In others, it’s a world unto itself. Distance dating requires an approach that is different from what works when you and your lady are in the same town. And, dating across language and cultural barriers makes for a few potential pitfalls all their own.


At every point in your courtship, there are things you can do that help ensure romantic success. Some of our best tips:


Put Your Best Foot Forward with Great Profile Text

In your profile, stay away from clichés that don’t say anything about you. Everyone loves to laugh; everyone says they love to travel. Instead, write about things that make you unique. Do you have a hobby that you really love? Is there a particular nugget of personal history that you feel reveals a lot about who you are and what you want from life? Share those in your profile.


There are also a few don’ts for effective profiles. Stay away from all negatives. For instance, some gentlemen who have been unlucky in love might be tempted to mention this. True as it may be, avoid saying so right in your profile. It can make you sound pessimistic. Also, do not give directives or ultimatums. For instance, someone who is most interested in serious relationships could be tempted to write “Don’t contact me unless you are for real.” However, there is no way to know what you might want out of a relationship with someone until you have gotten to know each other. Also, ladies might find that these sorts of demands put them on the spot. 


Update your profile periodically and play around with the wording to keep it fresh. You may find that, after a few months of online dating, you have a much clearer idea of what you want to communicate to someone so she can determine if you are someone she would like to get to know.


Let Your Profile Photos Tell a Story

Life in the US, Canada, the UK and the many other countries where our members live can be markedly different from life in Ukraine. The ladies are curious about you and what your day to day life is like. Be sure to take photos of yourself out and about enjoying your day. For instance, if you are a fan of minor league baseball, have someone take a picture of you out at a game.

Also, have someone take some photos of you – or, do it yourself with a timer and tripod – dressed in your very best clothes. One of these shots would be a great pick for your main profile picture. Ukrainian ladies dress to impress, and they appreciate a gentleman who puts an effort into his appearance, as well.


Update your photos every so often, especially your main profile photo. If you make any significant changes in your appearance, such as getting a new hair cut or losing some weight, make sure you get some pictures to show that off.


Initial Emails

In Russian and Ukrainian dating, the dynamic is the opposite of what you expect in local dating. Instead of requiring the gentleman to establish contact and interest, Ukrainian and Russian women are often the ones to make the first move online.


Some gentlemen, when dozens of beautiful women send them introduction emails, wonder if this is too good to be true. But, what they don’t realize is, to Ukrainian ladies, gentlemen from overseas are the exotic ones. The ladies are curious, and want to know more about you and your country. Many ladies will send introductory emails to a wide range of gentlemen. Online dating can be a numbers game; ladies are advised to start with a wide field so that they don’t waste time waiting for replies that may never come. Remember, they are looking to find their perfect partner, just like you are.


When you find an interesting lady’s profile before she finds yours, send a quick intro to get the conversation going. Many gentlemen write a general introduction that they save and resend to save time. Tell a bit about yourself. It’s best to end with a question that will facilitate a conversation between you and the lady you wish to get to know.


Continuing Your Correspondence

Gentlemen who are genuinely interested in learning more about someone else often have the best success dating online. Make sure that your conversations are not one-sided. On the one hand, a lady may lose interest in a gentleman who only talks about himself. But, in his eagerness to get to know her, a gentleman must also avoid peppering a lady with questions. As much as possible, let conversation flow naturally.


Some ladies prefer to communicate by email, others like chat. It’s a good idea to follow your lady’s lead when picking a form of communication. For instance, if you and the special lady keep different schedules, she simply may be unavailable to chat at the times that you are online, making email a better choice.


When you send messages to the ladies, make sure that you use proper spelling and grammar and avoid slang and text speak. Otherwise, even ladies who speak English well may have a hard time understanding you. We have found that many misunderstandings and conflicts that have arisen between two people during the courtship process are the result of a simple error of translation. By making your emails as easy to understand as possible, you can avoid these sorts of misunderstandings.


Moving to the Next Level

If things are going well, eventually the two of you may wish to move things to the next level and exchange contact information. The exchanging of personal information means a whole new chance at unfettered communication; you can enjoy unfiltered chat on HotRussianBrides, or exchange email addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles.  Make sure that you and your lady are on the same page before initiating an Intimacy Request. You two should feel the same way about the seriousness of the relationship, and where and how you wish to communicate after your Intimacy Request is approved.


Clearing Long Distance Relationship Hurdles

Long distance relationships and culture and language barrier relationships take special care to work out. But, by being patient, being as clear as possible in your communication and putting in the effort to nurture the relationship, you can make your long distance relationship a success.


If you read something in an email or message from your lady that upsets you, don’t immediately fly off the handle. Chances are good that it is simply a misunderstanding. These can be common when dealing with a romance that crosses language and cultural barriers. Always ask for clarification before assuming that something is wrong.


Make a note of important dates, and big goings-on in your lady’s life. She’ll love that you pay attention and that you care. 


Make an effort to keep romance alive even though you are far apart. Ways to do this include frequent emails, long distance dates and little gifts to commemorate occasions or just because.


First Meeting Jitters


After spending time getting to know one another online, the next step in taking the relationship further is to meet. Because of visa and safety issues, this will almost always occur in her home country. Making the trip to a foreign country to meet a lady who may be your future bride is exciting, but it can be a little intimidating, too.


Make sure to study up on Ukrainian etiquette and learn a bit of the language before you go. On your date, you will almost certainly be accompanied by a translator or a member of your lady’s family. Just relax, chat and get to know one another, and accept that courtship in Ukraine is different from courtship in other places. By going into the experience with the right expectations, you are more likely to keep a positive attitude and have a good time on your dates.


Many gentlemen who have made the trip advise making dates with a few ladies before heading to Ukraine. This way, if something comes up, or if your connection just doesn’t feel as electric in person as it did online, you will not have wasted a trip.


Getting Your Bride Settled in Her New Home


Even once you and your lady finally are able to be together in your country, the work of the relationship is not done. It can be difficult to leave everything you know behind and go to a brand new place. Do what you can to help your lady settle in in her new home. Help her out with transportation, English lessons, and meeting other Ukrainian expats. 


At every stage of your relationship, from the first look at a profile to the day you wed, to your twentieth anniversary and beyond, relationships take care. By always doing what you can to make each other happy and comfortable, you can build a strong, durable and satisfying love.


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