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Go on a Long Distance Date with Your Russian Lady

21. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Once you and your Russian sweetie move things to the next level and complete your Intimacy Request and exchange contact info, you have the chance to enjoy something new: long distance dates. Even though you are still thousands of miles apart, you can schedule special time for activities together remotely to enhance your long distance relationship. A few suggestion long distance date suggestions:


Eat a meal together using Skype or your phones. She might be eating breakfast while you’re having dinner, but, you can still talk to each other while you share your meal. If you email recipes to each other in advance, you can even be enjoying the same dish while you dine together across thousands of miles.


Up for something less elaborate? Have a coffee or tea date together. Even though you aren’t in the same place, sharing a beverage can make you feel closer.


If she has a smart phone or a computer at home, pick out an online game to play together. Words with Friends is a good choice for building her English vocabulary. You can also play dice games, RPGs and other types of games one on one.


Take each other on virtual tours. Take a video or still camera, and take some pictures of all the places you would like to take your Russian lady on a date, and have her do the same, as well. Scenic walking dates, such as a walk down a charming street in your town are ideal. Finish up the trip with a photo in a café where you would love to take her for a glass of wine.


Read a book together. Do you both enjoy reading? Choose a book of short stories in Russian or in English, and take turns reading passages aloud. Lots of classics are available free online.


Use your imagination to come up with fun activities that you can enjoy until the time that you can meet and be together. Your virtual dates will help you get to know one another and strengthen your romantic bond.


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