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Google Honors the Birth of Peter Carl Fabergé, Creator of the Fabergé Eggs

30. May 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Peter Carl Fabergé was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia 166 years ago today. The world knows Peter for his exquisite Fabergé eggs, and today Google honored the jeweler's breathtaking creations with a doodle on the search engine’s homepage (right). 

Born to Baltic German jeweler Gustav Fabergé, Peter learned the craft of jewelry making at a young age and took over the family business after his father’s death. Peter studied under his father’s trusted craftsman, Hiskias Pendin, and officials at the Hermitage, Saint Petersburg’s museum of art and culture, entrusted Fabergé to repair and restore the museum’s priceless works of arts.

Peter created the first Fabergé eggs for Tsar Alexander III. The Tsar gave Fabergé complete creative control, only requesting that each egg contain a surprise of some sort. Peter made a total of 50 eggs for Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia, though only 42 remain today. The jeweler continued creating the precious works of art until his family fled Russia after the 1917 Revolution. Peter Carl Fabergé died in Switzerland in 1920.

Made with precious metals and glittering jewels, the Fabergé eggs have become a symbol of prestige and wealth. Many also herald the creations as breathtaking works of art. Though the Fabergé trademark has been sold several times, collectors consider true Fabergé eggs to be those created prior to 1917. Collections of the eggs have fetched millions of dollars at auction.

 Here are a few photos of Peter Carl’s exquisite Fabergé eggs. Which is your favorite?


Source/Photos: Wikipedia