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Great Expectations and Your First Meeting

26. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Imagine that you have found a special lady on HotRussianBrides.com. You send her many letters, chat with her online and on camera, and gradually get to know her. Things go well and one day you suggest visiting the lady in Russia. She agrees and you make the necessary arrangements. What an exciting time! A visit means a wedding is surely around the corner, right? Not necessarily.

While some visits do result in an immediate marriage, gentlemen should not automatically expect one. A first meeting is a valuable opportunity for a man to get to know his special lady and for the couple to jointly decide on the future of their relationship. Sometimes a lady and a gentleman will fall in love at their first meeting, other times the chemistry may not be there and the two may choose to part ways. While both parties would obviously prefer a blissful, romantic visit, nothing is guaranteed and a gentleman should keep this in mind before making a long journey.  


Unfortunately, some men blame the ladies when their visits don’t live up to the romantic ideal. While this is an understandable reaction, it is not a particularly fair one. If your visit does not go as well as you’d hoped, it does not mean that the lady is a scammer or that she was never serious about you. It merely means that she respects you enough to be honest about her feelings. Remember, the best relationships are built on honesty and open communication, and a lady should never be afraid to express her true feelings.

Despite the final outcome, the first meeting should be an exciting and special time that both parties will remember forever. Men who try to keep their expectations in check and let things progress naturally often have a better experience than those who demand a fairy tale ending.