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Handling Separation During the Holiday Season

23. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

No one likes to spend the holidays alone, especially when you’ve already met the Russian woman of your dreams. If you’re unable to visit your special lady during the busy holiday season, here are a few simple tips to stay connected and keep the separation-blues at bay.

Share Photos

If your lady can’t be with you during the holidays, then take the holidays to her! How? Snap photos of the decorations in your home, festive activities in your city or town, family and friends who happen to be visiting, anything that captures your life at that point of time. Encourage your lady to do the same. This simple act will help the two of you feel connected during the holidays. 

Send a Gift

Sending a gift is another way to show a lady that you’re thinking about her. The gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something that shows you care. Not sure what to give? Men may choose from a variety of quality gifts at the HotRussianBrides gift shop, and our agencies can even send a photo of your special lady receiving the gift. If you don’t want to purchase anything, try writing a nice letter or poem. Your lady is sure to appreciate anything that comes from the heart.

Be Positive

Though it’s difficult to be away from a loved one during the holidays, dwelling on a sad situation only makes things worse. Try to remain positive and upbeat, and remember that the separation won’t last forever. Who knows, maybe you and your Russian lady will be able to spend the holidays together next year.

Keep In Touch

While it’s easy to get caught up in a blur of holiday activities, it’s important to make an effort to stay in touch. How? Send your special lady emails on a regular basis, respond to her messages in a timely fashion, and schedule chat dates in advance.  These seemingly simple actions, can mean the difference between staying connected and drifting apart.


How can you stay connected with your Russian love match this holiday season? By sharing photos, sending tokens of your affection, being positive, and staying in touch. Being prepared for and knowing how to handle the holiday-separation-blues can be a great help this time of year.