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Happy Name Day Kira and Marina! (Lots of Pics!)

12. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, MarinaGm

Today we're celebrating 2 Russian women’s names. Kira is over 7,000 years old with origins in Greece, Japan and Egypt. As a variant of Kyra, it means “beam of sunlight”. In Slavonic, it means “strong woman”, and as an uncommon Russian name is means “beloved”.


There are not very many Russian brides who share this name, but you can call them the endearing nicknames of Kirochka and Kiryusha. Here’s a few for you to meet. Just click on their photos to see their profiles.

Have you met Ukrainian beauty, Kirochka?

Hot Russian bride, Kiramuh

Sweet Ukrainian single, Kiradd


Another Russian name we're celebrating today is Marina, also known as Marichka, Maryusha, Marinichka, and Marochka. This is another ancient name and is derived from the Latin word “marinus” which means “marine, related with the sea.”


Some say that girls who share this name are especially charming and enchanting which makes men helpless against their magic and attractiveness. Are you familiar with sexy Marina Orlova? She’s a professional philologist and etymologist with the website HotForWords.com.


After you’ve congratulated Kiras today, make sure to choose some Marinas to send happy wishes to as well. And don’t forget that March 14 is another name day for Antonina. Most Russian ladies with this name go by the shorter version of Nina, which was celebrated on January 27.


Beautiful Russian bride, Marina6128

Lovely Ukrainian lady, LovelyMarina

Stunning Ukrainian single, MarinaJolly

Beautiful bride from Kiev, Marridysh!

Romantic Russian bride, Marina3874

Athletic Ukrainian lady, MaryKiss

Attractive Ukrainian woman, Marinnochka

Adorable bride from Nikolaev, Marrina87

Hot Ukrainian bride, Marina9170

Sexy Russian bride, MarinaBu

Beautiful Ukrainian girl, MarinaMarie

Sexy bride from Kharkov, Mary678

Stunning single from Kiev, MarinaMriy

Attractive Ukrainian bride, Mary77