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Have Great Hair without Too Much Effort

7. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

You want to look your best, but, you don’t want to be one of those guys who spends too much time in the bathroom getting ready to go. Luckily, there are steps you can take that will get you looking great without tying up your schedule. A few tips:


When you go to the barber, let him suggest cuts that suit your hair’s texture and the shape of your face. Be honest about how much time you intend to spend daily doing your hair. Don’t let him give you a cut that requires fixing with gel or pomade if you aren’t going to use it.


Get your hair cut at regular intervals. A cut starts getting shapeless after about six weeks, sometimes less. Going for a trim every so often keeps it looking neat and polished.


Buy the right shampoo for your hair. You don’t need fancy or expensive salon shampoos. A decent drug store brand should be fine. Most people can use shampoo for normal hair. If your hair is dry, pick up a moisturizing shampoo. However, this sort of shampoo will weigh your hair down if it is normal or oily. If you have oily hair, pick up a deep cleaning shampoo. Only use a dime-sized drop when you wash your hair.


Don’t forget conditioner. Conditioner makes your hair more smooth and less prone to frizzing or flyaways in dry weather.


Styling products can be a big help. Gel helps your hair keep its shape and keeps it looking neat and clean. Pomade can add some texture to thin hair. When using these products, massage them between your hands before applying to hair.


Don’t be afraid to change up your style. Picking up a tube of gel to try out a new style doesn’t make you a metrosexual. Switching from a parted style to a no-part one or another change can feel refreshing and can take years off your face. Your Russian bride will love the effort you put into looking your best for her.

Photo: flaivoloka