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Have You Seen Russian Brides' Extended Intimate Interviews?

19. March 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Before you begin chatting with a hot Russian woman, it's wise to read through her profile and learn a little bit about her first. Then you can mention a few of her details throughout your conversation and she'll likely be impressed. 


However, there is another way to learn even more about these ladies -- extended intimate interviews! 


Located on Russian brides' profiles, these interviews dig deeper into their daily lives, their online search for love, and reveal other fun facts! 


"The first thing I do in the morning is to go to the café to drink a coffee and then to my studies," shares MissAnna in her interview. "School and home are far away from the agency, so after school I usually take a taxi to the agency to read my mail and look for my future husband."


MagicStone explains why she has chosen to look online for a man. "It's very interesting for me to visit another country, but to meet a MAN from another country is the coolest! We have a lot to speak about - our different traditions, countries, national holidays and dishes. I can teach him Russian and he can teach my how to cook an American pie!"


Linette reveals her dream vacation destination, saying, "Italy - Because it has the best architecture in the world. And, being a designer myself, you can understand why I yearn to see the beautiful structures created so long ago. When you view Italy’s buildings and fountains, it’s as if time has frozen."


Some ladies get a little personal in their interviews too, like Ksusha92 when asked what one dream would she wish to come true. "I would like to see my mom alive for at least a couple of hours - just to hear her voice, to feel her presence and feel her motherly hug one more time," she said.


Check out these ladies entire interviews on their profiles and look for other extended intimate interviews! They are enjoyable to read and they may help you discover your match sooner!