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Haye Slew the Giant

9. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Most boxing matches don’t live up to the hype but Saturday night’s bout between Nikolay Valuev and David Haye had the all the drama, all the excitement and all the entertainment of a blockbuster Hollywood movie.


Going the distance, Haye won the 12 round boxing match on points over the Russian Giant. In more than 50 fights, it was only Valuev’s second-ever loss.


Speed was the Key

In the end David slew the giant Goliath not by use of his sling but by his stamina. Valuev, who stands nearly a foot taller, has a longer reach, and out weights Haye, could not match the Englishman’s speed.

“By losing the title I disappointed my fans and want to apologize for that,” Valuev said in the post fight press conference. “I think the last round decided the bout. The main reason for my loss was Haye’s speed. He didn’t let me use my left hand in full and the fact that I’m 40 kilos heavier also played its role.”


Sweet Victory

Haye won on a majority decision. Two judges had Haye as the winner and the third scored the match even. With his victory, Haye becomes the first Briton to hold the title of WBA world heavyweight champion since 2003 when Lennox Lewis retired.

Haye commented on his win saying, "It's a dream come true. I've fought the biggest heavyweight champion and caught him with big shots. It means everything to me. From when I was a baby, I said I would be the heavyweight world champion.”

Valuev solid rock hard body proved to be a tough nut to crack. In the middle of the third round, Haye broke his hand when striking the Russian Giant’s head. Haye described it as if he hit a brick wall.


New Resolve

In the end the Russian Giant promised his fans and countrymen that he will be back and regain the WBA belt. Valuev said in true Russian spirit that he knows it will be difficult but he will not give up.