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Her Letters Are Short and Vague. Is She a Scammer?

1. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men believe that a short, vague letter is a definite sign of a Russian scammer. If a lady doesn’t answer a question or doesn’t include a lot of personal details in her letters than she must be a scammer, right?

No. When it comes to the first few letters, Russian women, like the Western men who court them, send short, general messages because it saves time and because there is only so much you can say when you’re first getting to know someone. The letters will likely become more personal once a lady learns more about a gentleman. At times, the ladies may forget to answer a specific question or two, but then many gentlemen are guilty of the same thing! Forgetting to answer a question is not a sign of a scammer. It's the sign of human being, albeit an absent-minded one, perhaps.

It’s also important to remember that most Russian women do not have personal computers and therefore do not have as much time to read emails and write messages as men with home computers do. Not only that, but many women need help translating emails and composing replies, things that take time. While a man may have time to write long, detailed messages, a lady doesn’t necessarily have that same luxury. Gentlemen should be aware of sensitive to this fact and not give a lady a hard time or write her off simply because she doesn’t write long messages.

Despite what some gentlemen may think, short or general letters (especially at first) are not hallmarks of a scammer. If they are, than many of our male members are “scammers” as well. It’s important for members to consider a situation from the ladies’ point of view and not jump to inaccurate conclusions.