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Hot Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk: World Chess Champion

12. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian chess master, Alexandra Kosteniuk, was born April 23, 1984 in the Russian city of Perm. Her father taught her to play chess at the age of 5, and Alexandra has been a powerhouse in the world of competitive chess ever since.


Career Highlights

Alexandra’s first great achievement was in 1994 when she became the European Champion in the category of girls under the age of 10. A series of impressive wins soon followed. At age 17, Alexandra made it to the finals of the World Women’s Chess Championship in Moscow in 2001 where she became the Women’s Vice Champion of the World. She also became the female European Champion in 2004 and the Russian Champion in 2005. Her most exciting win to date has been the Women’s World Championship in 2008. In addition, the World Chess Federation has also honored Alexandra with the titles of International Grandmaster, Woman Grandmaster, and International Master.  


Personal Life 

In her free time, Alexandra enjoys playing sports, writing poems, modeling, and promoting the game of chess. With mottos like “chess is cool” and “beauty and intelligence can go together,” Alexandra has inspired many girls to take up the game of chess. In 2001, she published a book entitled How I became a Grandmaster at the Age of 14. Alexandra currently resides in Miami, Florida with husband Diego Garces and daughter Francesca Maria. For more information, visit Alexandra’s website, www.kosteniuk.com, or follow chessqueen on Twitter.