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Hot Russian Brides Dating Tip: Refrain from Talking About Your Ex

23. September 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

At Hot Russian Brides, we get to learn about the intricacies of online courtship every day. Through the years, we have picked up many pointers that we like to share with our members to help them make their search for a companion more fruitful and positive. Here’s a big no-no: Needlessly or Negatively Talking about Your Ex.

Bringing up your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife when corresponding with a new person can be a big turnoff. Women generally don’t like that there is another woman on your mind or that you are trying to size them up against someone else. Plus, why do you want to spend valuable time talking about someone else when you could be spending it getting to know your new interest?

When is it OK to talk about an Ex?
It’s usually only OK to talk about your ex if the topic comes up in conversation. Our recommendation is that you keep it brief and neutral. Resist, at all costs, the urge to go off on a diatribe about how bad of a person she was and how much you hate her. No matter whether your ex was a terrible person or not, your lady will see this as a big turn off and a sign that you may either be 1) still in love with her or 2) a misogynist. Or both.

Once the topic of your ex exits the conversation, refrain from bringing her back up. Now, if both of you are coming out of a bad relationship, it may be OK to talk about this, but beware as it can easily drive you apart or make you seem like you are not over her.

Other things to avoid:

  • Don’t carry an ex’s photo in your wallet or on your cell phone
  • Don’t say, “I used to hate when my ex did this…” as a way to let your new interest know what you like or don’t like
  • Don’t take calls or emails from your ex in your new interest’s presence

In closing, we would recommend you avoid the subject of exes unless it can’t be avoided or if you both want to talk about it.

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