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Hot Russian Swimmer Anastasia Davydova Becomes Coach

7. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Whether it's the European Championships, the World Championships, or the Olympic Games, the women of Russia's synchronized swimming team have been bringing home gold medals for the last 10 years.


One of the valuable and quite attractive assets to the team is Moscow-born Anastasia Davydova. However, as her 30th birthday approaches next month, the only five-time Olympics champion in synchronized swimming has decided to retire from her record-breaking career and begin coaching.


She already knows what her biggest challenge will be.


"Patience is the main thing, and I'm doing my best to always stay calm," she explained. "Because when you've perfected your own sport, you just don't understand how others can find it difficult. Other than that, I'm experienced enough to train others and I can explain to my charges what needs to be explained in great detail."


She will also hold a special honor at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi


"I’m really excited to become a Sochi 2014 Ambassador for the first Winter Olympic Games in the history of Russia," she said. "These Games will bring an enormous number of positive changes to our country as well as to Sochi, and will inspire youngsters to maintain a healthy lifestyle."


Anastasia and her former duet partner Anastasia Ermakova were often praised for their sex appeal with Ms. Davydova receiving extra attention for the collection of colorful butterfly tattoos on her back. Check out these pics from Maxim Russia



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