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How Does Life in Belgium Compare to Life in Ukraine?

12. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Despite how geographically close Belgium and Ukraine are, it can sometimes feel like your lives are incredibly far apart. Have you ever wondered about the specific ways that life in Belgium is different from life in Ukraine?


We consulted a number of sources to find some statistics that show the differences. 


If she lived in Belgium instead of Ukraine:


  • Your Ukrainian sweetie could make 5.7 times as much money. Average income in Ukraine is a little under €4800; in Belgium, it is just over €27,000.
  • But, she’d have a risk of unemployment that was 72% higher.
  • And, she could spend 7.5 times as much on healthcare.
  • But, she could live almost 11 years longer. Average life expectancy in Ukraine is 68 years; in Belgium, it’s 79.
  • Wherever you two live in Belgium, she’d likely be much closer to the country’s border. You could fit Belgium inside Ukraine 20 times.
  • She would live in a cooler climate. Summers in Belgium average 22 C; in the warmest parts of Ukraine, they can hit 26 C or more in the summer months. 

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