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How Does Life in Denmark Compare to Life in Ukraine?

29. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

It’s obvious that life in Denmark is different from life in Ukraine. But, have you ever wondered exactly how different? We consulted country comparison site If It Were My Home to find a few figures and statistics that illustrate the contrast between your country and hers:

  • If your Ukrainian sweetheart lived in Denmark instead of Ukraine, she could earn 5.6 times more money. Average income in Ukraine is about 35,000 DKK, compared to about 200,000 DKK in Denmark.
  • Unfortunately, her healthcare costs would go up along with her income; healthcare costs about 8 times as much in Denmark as it does in Ukraine. 
  • She could live about 10 years longer. Average life expectancy is 68 years in Ukraine and 78 in Denmark.
  • She’d be 10% more likely to be employed. 
  • She’d be in a community having 8% more babies.