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How Does Life in Germany Compare with Life in Ukraine?

21. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Ever wonder how life varies between your country and hers? Got a thing for statistics? According to the country comparison site If It Were My Home, these are some of the ways that things would be different for a Ukrainian if she lived in Germany instead:


  • On average, her income would be 5.3 times higher. The average per capita income in Germany is €25815 a year, while in Ukraine it is just € 4847.
  • But, she’d spend 8 times as much on healthcare.
  • And, her odds of being unemployed would about double – the unemployment rate in Germany is around 8% right now, while Ukraine’s is 4.8%.
  • She’ll live a decade longer. The average life expectancy in Germany is 78 years, while in Ukraine it is 68. 
  • She’ll be in a community that has 15% fewer babies. Germany’s birthrate is around 8 per thousand people.
  • She’ll experience 12% less of a class divide. There’s more income equality in Germany than in Ukraine. The figure used to determine income equality is called the GINI index, which measures cumulative family income against the number of families, from poorest to richest. The lower the number (Germany’s is 27, while Ukraine’s is 31) the more equal income is across the country. 
  • She’ll use more oil and electricity. Emerging economies like Ukraine’s typically use less energy than those of more developed countries like Germany.


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