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How Does Life in Ukraine Compare to Life in Italy?

4. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

She’s just a couple countries away, but, it can seem that your worlds could not be more different. Life in Italy can be very different from life for your lady in Ukraine. Have you ever wondered how different? We outline the details in quick and easy terms:


  • She could live almost 12 years longer. Average life expectancy in Ukraine is 68 years old; it Italy, it’s just under 80.
  • How different the weather will be will depend on where in Italy you live. Ukraine has coastal areas that have mild weather much like the weather in Italy’s central regions. However, the areas around the Carpathians have winters that can be cold and harsh, just as they are around the Alps. 
  • She would have a 50% higher chance of being unemployed.
  • But, if she did have a job, she could earn almost five times as much money. Average income in Italy is a little more than €22,000 a year; in Ukraine, it’s just under €4,700. 
  • However, she could spend five times as much on healthcare.
  • She’d live around people having 17% fewer babies. Italy’s birth rate is about 8 per 1000 people, while Ukraine’s is 9.62 per 1000.