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How Does Life in Ukraine Compare to Life in Norway?

2. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Area of Norway VS UkraineHave you ever wondered about how life in Ukraine is different from life in Norway? The website If It Were My Home provides some handy figures to help show the differences between various countries. Here are a few of the ways your Ukrainian bride’s life would change if she came to live with you in Norway country:


  • Incomes in Norway are roughly 9 times those in Ukraine. Ukrainians earn an average of just under 36,000 kroner per year; average salary in Norway is 321,000.
  • However, some of that would be offset by healthcare costs that are about 10 times as much.
  • She’d become part of the 38th largest immigrant community in Norway. Just fewer than 4000 people born in Ukraine now call Norway their home.
  • Norway has a much lower unemployment rate (currently 2.7%). However, that rate is slightly higher among immigrants, so, it might take some time for her to find a job.
  • She’d be in a community that has 13% more babies than Ukraine. Norway’s birthrate is 10.9 per 1000 people, as opposed to Ukraine’s 9.2.
  • She’d use about 10 times as much fuel. However, because Norway is mostly energy-independent, that fuel would cost less.
  • She’d live 11.62 years longer. Ukrainians have an average lifespan of 80 years, Ukrainians one of 68 years.