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How Does Life in Ukraine Compare to Life in Spain?

6. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Gentlemen of Spain, have you ever wondered just how much things will change for your Ukrainian lady when she comes to live with you in your home country?


We checked online to pull together a number of statistics that you give a snap shot of the difference between Spain and Ukraine.


If your sweetie lived in Spain instead of Ukraine:


  • She could live almost 12 years longer. Average life expectancy is 68 years in Ukraine. In Spain, it is 80.
  • She could earn a little more than five times as much. Average income in Spain is just under €25000 a year; in Ukraine it is about €4700.
  • However, she would be almost four times as likely to be unemployed.
  • And, she would spend almost six times as much on healthcare.
  • How much difference there would be in the climate would depend on where each of you live now. Spain’s Mediterranean coastal regions are very similar, climate-wise, to coastal Ukraine. 
  • Over 77% of Spain’s population is urban, compared with 66% in Ukraine. So, the chances are good that she’ll be living in a relatively similar environment in her new home, which makes the transition much easier.