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How Does Life in Ukraine Compare to Life in the Netherlands?

28. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

If you drove non-stop, you could get from Amsterdam to Kyiv in just under a day. But, in some ways, the countries couldn’t be farther apart. Have you ever wondered just how life would be different for your Ukrainian sweetheart in your country? We’ve perused a few sites to check out some of the key differences. If she lived in the Netherlands:

  • She could live 11 years longer. Average life expectancy in Ukraine is 68 years; in the Netherlands, it is 79.
  • She could make six times as much money. Average salary in Ukraine is under €4,800, while in the Netherlands it is about €29,000.
  • Unfortunately, she could also spend 8 times as much on healthcare in the Netherlands as in Ukraine.
  • She’d be around people who have 7% more babies. Birth rates in the Netherlands are slightly higher than in Ukraine.


There would be similarities, too, of course:


  • She’d live in a country that shares some of the history of her homeland. Like the Netherlands, Ukraine was invaded during World War II.
  • She’d live in roughly the same climate. It’s only, on average, a few degrees cooler in Amsterdam than in Kyiv.
  • She’d live in a country that shares one of Ukraine’s major industries. The Netherlands and Ukraine are both agricultural exporters. However, where flowers and bulbs are the number one agricultural export in The Netherlands, sunflower oil, rye and potatoes are among the big products in Ukraine.