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How Does Ukraine Compare to Mexico?

15. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Are you curious about how life is, on average, different for people living in Ukraine from those living in your country?


We checked around online and discovered several ways that life in Mexico differs from life in Ukraine. Among our findings:


  • She’d be living in a far more geographically vast country. Ukraine is only about 233,000 square kilometers; Mexico is nearly 5 times as large, with an area of about 2,000,000 square km. What this means is that quickie trips to neighboring countries will not be as easy unless you live near the border.
  • She could make about twice as much money. The average salary in Mexico is about $170,585 MXN, while in Ukraine it is just $80,870.
  • Her healthcare will cost almost twice as much, too. 
  • She’d be around people having twice as many babies. The birth rate in Ukraine is 9.62 births per 1000 people, and about 19.39 per 1000 in Mexico.
  • She’ll live in a country with a class divide that is about twice as large as it is in Ukraine.
  • She’ll live 7.8 years longer. Average lifespan in Ukraine is 68; in Mexico it’s 76.
  • She’ll enjoy warmer winters. In Mexico City, it’s a balmy 23 C year round. It gets just as warm in Ukraine in the summer, but during Ukraine’s cold winters, temperatures can range from 0 C to an icy 20 below zero.