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How Are Russian Ladies Verified on HotRussianBrides.com?

18. March 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Frequently, gentlemen ask us how they can be assured that the ladies on HotRussianBrides.com are real, single, and that they are not being paid to be here. We are a legitimate International matchmaking service and we are happy to provide our customers the reassurance that we take every reasonable step to ensure this.

We have several procedures to ensure that the Russian brides and Kiev girls you chat with on our service are real and verified; these are:

Video Validation for Potential Russian Wives

Gentlemen may be curious about the “Verified” icon that appears in the profile when looking at various ladies. We add this to the ladies’ profiles when they have gone through a series of steps. An important one of these is our Video Validation process. When a lady wishes to join our site, we ask her to go through an extensive interviewing process where she explains her reasoning for looking for love online, and then fills out an attestation that she will not be using the site to ask for money or gifts and will not accept any money for her participation on our system. We film her as she signs her agreement, to ensure the lady is who she says she is and her appearance matches her photographs.

Collecting ladies’ documents to avoid Russian mail order bride scams

To attain the “Verified” status on their profile, ladies also have to provide documentation to confirm their identities. This is not only so we can verify that a lady is real, but also to confirm that your future Russian wife is definitely available. We collect ladies’ passports (in some rare cases, we may ask for their birth certificates if no passport is available), as this is the most commonly held method of identification for ladies in this part of the world and helps us identify that a lady is who she says she is, along with her current marital status.

Video Chat to allow gentlemen to validate Kiev Brides for themselves

Gentlemen looking for Russian women to marry will be happy to know that we have ways for them to validate the ladies themselves, rather than taking our word for it. The ladies on our service normally log in from Russian dating agency offices in Russia and Ukraine and most of the offices we partner with provide webcams with their computer terminals. Ladies using the site are able to turn on the webcam as they chat so that gentlemen are able to view them and validate that they are indeed the same ladies from the photographs!

Using all of these different methods, customers can be assured that we take every reasonable step to ensure ladies on our site are verified and eligible to participate. However, if you ever run into anyone misusing our service or violating our Terms of Use agreement, please be sure to Contact us at Customer Service!