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How can I tell the legitimate Russian Dating Sites?

19. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Online Dating Russian Women

With the amount of information and disinformation floating around on the internet, it can be easy to get confused on the subject of International Dating. Many sites will tell you that you should never trust ANY international dating sites; some will tell you to only trust their services. At HotRussianBrides.com®, we know it is difficult to sift through all of the differing opinions out there.

We have put together this easy to understand guide to telling which Russian Dating service is real and which are simply a Russian Mail Order Bride scam for yourself, without relying on anonymous forum posts and erroneous and often biased Russian dating scam blacklists.


1.   Check the focus of the Russian Dating sites.

       Is the website offering Mail Order Brides, or Russian girls for sale? Chances are it’s probably bogus. At HotRussianBrides.com, despite our catchy name we make no effort to hide the fact that we are a dating website and one of the industry leaders in International romance.

 2.    What procedures do they have in place to protect you from Russian scammers?

      It’s always incredibly important to understand, before signing up with a website, what precautions they have taken in order to avoid scams and fraudulent behavior. Many of the cheaper sites don’t have much of anything – leaving it to their Members to protect themselves. Hot Russian Brides doesn’t take that same mentality, and we proactively take every reasonable step to weed out potential scammers with our Anti-Scam Policies and Procedures.

3.    Check out their history.

      A Ukrainian dating service may look like the best site in the world, but thousands of sites are launched every month in this industry. Many of these sites are real and some are not. Even if a site is perfectly legitimate, there’s no guarantee that it will be around tomorrow so you want to make sure that the service you use has some longevity behind it already. This ensures that you won’t end up corresponding with a lady and then not be able to contact her the next week due to the site closing. HotRussianBrides.com is a legitimate and a successful company with a proven track record of matching Russian women and Ukrainian girls with Western men. 

4.    Do they have Russian dating stories?

        One of the biggest points a website can make is about its previous success stories. Testimonials and pictures from happy couples who have found each other through the system are always a great way to tell if a Russian dating site is a scam or not. Do they have Testimonials? Do the testimonials have pictures? Don’t just check that they have them, either, read the testimonials and see how they sound. Do they appear to have been written by the same people? How about the pictures? Make sure they’re not all taken at the same place. In addition to the Testimonials, HotRussianBrides.com also includes a Featured Couples Section where ladies and gentlemen who have met through our service can tell their stories in greater detail and provide photos of their new and blossoming families.

5.    How can I meet my Russian Wife?

        Always check out a Russian dating service’s Terms of Use before joining the site. Be very careful to understand the requirements that every site you are working with has. Specifically you will want to check on the Requirements that a site has to meet with a lady. Many sites out there sell contact information directly, but at Hot Russian Brides, we do not feel that this is the best policy to have. We created our Intimacy Request process so that instead of a gentleman buying what may be outdated or even falsified information, both parties have the ability to exchange the contact information that they feel comfortable with. This allows more trust in between ladies and gentlemen and can foster stronger and more understanding relationships.