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How do I send a gift to a Russian lady?

16. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Gift shop

Sending a gift is part of the courting process.  If there is a real connection, then you need to step up your game and send some gifts to your lady. As any man knows, giving a woman a gift is a universal sign of “I’m Into You”. With gifts ranging from flowers to English lessons, we make it easy for you to be able to court your lady without the hassle. Our online gift shop is just a few clicks away.


To add a lady to your Gift List, click the giftbox icon located within her profile card. When viewing a lady in your Gift List, two frames will be displayed. The left frame contains your Gift Basket and Gifts Sent for that particular lady. The right frame contains our Gift Shop, from which you may purchase any of a number of gifts. To remove a lady from your Gift List, click "Delete From My Gifts," located in the upper portion of the left frame of your Gift List.


To purchase a gift, click the shopping cart icon beneath the gift's description, located in the right frame of the Gift List. Upon doing so, the gift will be displayed in your Gift Basket, located in the left frame of the Gift List. To remove an item from your Gift Basket, click the shopping cart icon, located in the "Remove" field of the Gift Basket. When you are ready to purchase the items in your Gift Basket, click "Continue Purchase."


On the following secure page, you will be required to enter your personal billing information. Once finished, click the "Purchase" button to complete your transaction. When you send a gift, it will be displayed in the "Gifts Sent" section of your Gift List for that lady. Please allow approximately 3-5 business days for gift delivery. In some instances, gift delivery may take longer to arrive. When your gift is delivered, you will receive a confirmation email.