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How does an SSL certificate help me avoid credit card scams?

26. April 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

When making purchases online, you may have run into the advice that you should only purchase from stores that use an SSL certificate. This is true for any website on which you exchange Credit Card information, especially International marriage agencies. Hot Russian Brides offers members SSL protection as a standard feature when buying credits, memberships or processing any transaction.

What is an SSL certificate anyway?

An SSL certificate is a type of cryptographic protocol most commonly used to assist you in making online transactions. An SSL certificate works by encrypting the information that you type on the page, so that only you and the financial processing system that you are submitting it to can see it. It’s a little known fact that without any kind of encryption, information sent through the internet is easily viewable to hackers and data miners. Compared to sending details unprotected, an SSL certificate will increase the security of your financial data exponentially.

How does HotRussianBrides.com use SSL certificates to help avoid credit card Russian dating scams?

When you make a Credit Card purchase on our site, or process an IMBRA request, HotRussianBrides.com implements an SSL certificate to hide this information from the outside world and help protect you from identity theft and a whole host of Russian bride scams involving credit cards.