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How to Be a Real Man for your Russian Woman

7. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

If you read through enough Russian bride profiles, you will notice that many of them say they are looking for a “real man”. How can you be, or more importantly show, that you are this real man they are seeking?



The first attribute of a real man is how respectful he is. This also happens to be one of the top turn ons for Russian women. A real man doesn’t abuse women physically or mentally. Words can hurt just as much, if not more, than physical harm so be mindful about what you type.



A real man always strives to look his best. Being well groomed and physically fit shows a woman that you try hard to take care of yourself and you will take care of her as well. Keeping your hair and nails trimmed may seem insignificant now, especially since these Russian women won’t see you in person right away, but a real man always wants to be presentable.



Russian women want a companion that will be supportive of them, both financially and emotionally. A real man doesn’t have the biggest bank account, but he does know how to make enough to support himself and his family. He may fall on hard times, but he is responsible and determined enough to get back up and devise a new plan.



Real men don’t cry. This is a mantra that most men are raised on. While it’s true that women are attracted to confident and strong men, that doesn’t mean that they should be devoid of all emotion. Studies have shown that a man who can as easily cry as laugh and is not afraid to show his emotions not only to her but to the world classifies him as a real man.



A woman’s work is never done, but she sure appreciates a real man that will help her out. A real man is not afraid of doing some laundry or the dishes. Change a diaper or run the vacuum cleaner and a Russian woman may swoon at your feet. Real men are happy to help with housework and cook a meal, so let Russian ladies know now that will be a helper.


These are not the only keys to being the real man that Russian women dream about. The best way to discover exactly what they are looking for is to ask them yourself. Then you can look forward to a real relationship with a hot Russian bride.