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How to Use the Live Video Panel

24. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Gentlemen logging on to HotRussianBrides.com today may notice that the My Home page looks a little different. This is because the Live Video Panel is now displayed on the right side of the screen! 



This makes viewing all of the ladies who are online now and streaming from their webcams so easy. If you'd also like to view the Live Video Panel in a separate, popup window, simply click "Popup Video Panel" on the bottom right corner of the navigation bar.


You can also choose to remove the Live Video Panel from the My Home page by clicking "Live Video" on the top navigation bar or by clicking "Close Panel" on the bottom navigation bar. Bring it right back by clicking "Live Video" again.



If you minimize the size of your internet browser window, the Live Video Panel will automatically disappear. Then you can click that same "Live Video" tab and the Panel will open in a popup window.


Once you have the Live Video Panel displayed as you prefer, experience VoyerCam™!  

VoyerCam loads each live webcam stream for about four seconds, starting at the top and moving down the list, loading each live stream one-by-one!


After the free two-minute trial, VoyerCam costs 1 credit per 2 minutes for Premium Members (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and 2 credits per 2 minutes for Bronze Members. 


When you see a lady that you're especially interested in, just click her User ID Number to watch her Live Video exclusively. You can also click her User Name to view her profile and click Open a Chat With... to start chatting live while watching her video!


Log on to HotRussianBrides.com today to see how easy the Live Video Panel makes interaction with sexy single girls!