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Identifying Scams Without Alienating Russian Brides

29. April 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

With the nature of international dating and the internet, being wary of fraud and scams isn’t just a good idea – for many of us, it is second nature. As consumers we are frequently bombarded with horror stories about credit card theft, identity scams, and many of our members are aware of the misleading and unhinged accusations that are often recycled by the numerous Russian dating scam Blacklists out there.

Despite the fact that many of these cases are overblown, it IS always a good idea to be on your guard against the possibility of Russian bride scams. We take every reasonable precaution on our side, but we also have made various suggestions for customers to enact themselves to help provide a greater degree of protection.

While focusing on your own safety is always a good idea, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t cause you to act in a way that alienates the ladies you are communicating with. If you have suspicions or questions, it won’t do anyone any favors to blow up, or make hysterical accusations. When the dust settles, even if you find out that your suspicions are groundless and you apologize, you may seriously damage your relationship. Our Customer Service department is happy to work with our members to explain, identify and investigate any issues or questions you may have, whether it is regarding our business or the individual ladies. We pride ourselves on having some of the best and most in-depth customer service in the International matchmaking world and offer many ways to contact us including a toll-free phone number, email contact information and our Web Hostesses.

Although rumors floating around the internet may be scary, and even convincing, drawing your conclusions too early and flying off the handle with accusations and threats isn’t a smart or rational way of dealing with the issue. Let us know and we will be happy to look into your situation and will do everything we can to provide you with a definitive resolution.