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I’m in Ukraine on vacation; can you folks introduce me to some ladies here?

19. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

When members of our site are traveling, we always ask for notice, notably if they are traveling to countries in the Former Soviet Union and especially if they wish to meet ladies. For many of our Russian dating agencies, providing last-minutes services may be a possibility but the chance of resources not being available, ladies’ schedules not matching up and interpreters being busy and you having a wasted trip to the country increases incredibly when you don’t give us prior notice.

How much notice should I give when looking to meet a Russian lady?

When meeting someone from our site and traveling to another country, the general rule is the more preparation time, the better. We normally ask that our members allow us and our International introduction agencies at least a month to make preparations such as accommodations and interpreters, although more time is usually better. When corresponding with your Russian bride or Ukrainian lady, it is important to discuss the times and plans you are making completely, so that she can schedule her life accordingly and you are both aware of any possible issues which may arise.

But I wanted to surprise the Ukrainian woman I’ve been speaking to!

While they notion of an out-of-nowhere international visit can seem exciting and spontaneous, it’s rarely a good idea in practice. Showing up at a Ukrainian bride’s doorstep with merely a bouquet of flowers and the clothes on your bank might be a romantic concept but it’s rarely an effective one. Many ladies prefer to meet gentlemen they have been corresponding with through their introduction agencies, to ensure their own comfort, and there are many ladies on our service who work several jobs, go to school, take care of children and other family responsibilities. Bear in mind that when you are on our site at 5PM Eastern Standard Time in the US, this is Midnight in Ukraine and many ladies use our service during these later hours as this is the only free time they have during the day. People who have made these unannounced visits have found their meetings with potential Ukrainian wives to be rather awkward and brief, as the lady’s other responsibilities end up getting in the way and the member can find he is alone in an unfamiliar city for long periods of time. This situation is easily remedied by merely communicating with the Russian or Ukrainian woman you are corresponding with, discussing plans and making arrangements with the lady AND her agency.

I’ve never been a member of your site; can you introduce me to some of these stunning Russian beauties while I’m here?

Occasionally we provide tours for gentlemen interested in meeting ladies on a social level. When these are available, we will promote them on our member home screen. Outside of these tours, our Agencies normally provide services for gentlemen interested in meeting Russian and Ukrainian ladies they have already had significant correspondence with. To exchange contact information or receive the Agency’s contact information for a lady, our Members must be Qualified and submit Intimacy Requests to the lady or ladies they are interested in.