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I’m Young. Is There a Russian Bride for Me?

4. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Browsing through the profiles on HRB, you might wonder if Russian women are willing to date young men. After all, many ladies write of wanting a mature, older man who is ready to settle and down and start a family. Do young men, those in their twenties and early thirties, have a real chance with the women of Hot Russian Brides?

Like many things in Russian dating, the answer depends on the woman. Some ladies prefer older men, some like men their own age or younger, and some are open to dating a man from any age group as long as he’s a good match. Nearly 10,000 women of all ages are looking for love on Hot Russian Brides, so men from all decades have a decent shot at finding love.

If it seems as if Russian women only marry older men, it could be because older men are typically in a better financial position to engage in Russian dating and more likely to visit women in Ukraine. Many older men have established careers which can mean more time and money for international dating. However, not all Russian dating couples fit the stereotype. If you take a look at our Featured Couples page, you’ll see a mix of couples – some with older men and some with young men.

If you’re a young man with an interest in Russian dating, don’t be scared off by the myth that Russian women only want older men. While this may be true of some ladies, it certainly isn’t true of them all, and most women simply want a man who will love them and make them happy, no matter what his age.