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Impress Russian Ladies with Profile Pics

15. March 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Even though HotRussianBrides.com makes it fast and easy for gentlemen to complete their profiles, some still cut corners and don't put much thought into the photos they post. Small, blurry, and outdated pics could be preventing your perfect match from giving your profile a second glance.


Show Russian women that you're serious about online dating and eager to start a relationship by following these five tips.


Make it about you

While some gentlemen want to share photos of their family and friends, or show off their house and cars, your profile photos should focus on you. All of that other stuff can be sent to ladies by attaching photos to emails. Plus, be sure to look your best, with a recent shower and shave.


Show several sides

Uploading a variety of photos will help you attract a variety of Russian women. Some girls go crazy for dapper dressed gents in suits, while others prefer more casual couture. As long as you're comfortable and smiling, your personality will shine through.


Be Respectful

Don't waste time trying to post nude photos because they won't be approved anyway. Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for gentlemen, so forget rude gestures and drunk pics too. You may think they're funny, but ladies see immaturity.


Pay Attention to Colors

While your neon yellow shirt may be your favorite, it might not be the best clothing choice for a photo. Research which colors complement your skin tone and stick with those. You can flaunt your entire ecletic wardrobe later.


Think Like a Photographer

In addition to the colors you wear, prepare the backgrounds and surroundings of your photos. You don't need to hire a professional, but posting more polished profile pics will show you're serious about your search and make you look better overall!


Have you updated your profile photos lately? With digital technology, there's really no excuse not to have recent pics ready to replace older ones every few months. Refreshing your online persona can help you attract more Russian brides to find your match!