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Is It Wrong to Date More Than One Woman on Hot Russian Brides?

12. June 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

One of the pieces of advice that surprises gentlemen the most is the advice to chat with, and even meet, multiple ladies on Hot Russian Brides. Some gentlemen worry that dating more than one lady online could get them in trouble. Others think that it’s somehow dishonest. The truth is, handled right, it’s a smart dating strategy that is better for you and for the ladies you are courting. However, it does take a deft touch for it all to work out right. A few of our best tips for carrying on multiple romances:


Never Lie

Don’t say that you are not chatting with other ladies if you are. And, don’t pretend to be more deeply involved than you genuinely feel. Do not forget, there is nothing wrong with consenting adults enjoying one another’s company. There is no need to rub her nose in the fact that you talk to other ladies, but, there’s no need to hide and be dishonest, either.


Do Not Talk About Other Ladies

Again, while we do not suggest lying, we also suggest being discreet. Going out of your way to mention other ladies will only lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Especially, do not compare her to someone else. This will not end well. Comparisons can, at best, lead to jealousy and at worst, make her feel that you do not value her.


Do Not Act Jealous or Possessive

Just as we counsel gentlemen to court several possible matches, the ladies will chat with several gentlemen, as well. They are, as you are, free to enjoy conversations with whomever they wish. Many ladies choose to start with several gentlemen for the same reason you start with several possible ladies: sometimes people are not compatible; sometimes, they disappear and stop logging in. By talking with several possible matches, you each raise your chances of finding love.


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