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Is Your Ukrainian Sweetheart Going on Holiday to Catch Some Sun?

2. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russian blonde in bikiniThe winter holidays are a prime time for travel for Ukrainians. While many vacation at home, others choose to head off with their families to enjoy some time away from home. Travel experts say that low cost and luxury trips are the most popular this year. Some of the possibilities for your favorite Ukrainian lady’s winter holiday:


If she’s watching her money, she might opt for a short, inexpensive bus tour for her winter holiday. For instance, your lady might go away for the weekend to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris. Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany are also popular destinations. Many Ukrainians enjoy traveling to Finland for the holidays, but, they need to book early to get visas in time for their trip.


For a bit more money, Ukrainians can escape the winter cold for a couple of days or weeks with trips to warmer places. A couple of weeks on the beaches of Goa, India costs about the equivalent of $750 US, and gives your Ukrainian girl a chance to pull her bikini out of storage for a few days while she enjoys the sun. Despite protests and unrest in Egypt, the country also remains a popular vacation spot. Turkey, with its gorgeous curving coast, is another common choice. A number of Arab airlines provide inexpensive tickets that make travel to that part of the world affordable for Ukrainian vacationers.


Travel agents in Ukraine say that some high-ticket travel destinations are also popular. Brazil, Peru and Argentina all attract well-heeled Ukrainian travelers. Between visa, travel and hotel costs, these are not cheap trips, but, those who have the money to spend enjoy traveling to these exotic destinations. By some estimates, a weeklong trip in Argentina would cost at least 32,000 hryvnias – over $4,000 US.


Did your Ukrainian lady do any winter traveling? Log on now to ask her about her holiday.