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It’s OK to Delete an Unsolicited Email

23. December 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

Many of our male members feel obligated to respond to every introduction email they receive from the ladies on HotRussianBrides.com.

While the sentiment is chivalrous, many introduction emails are meant to get the gentleman interested in wanting to get to know the lady better and are sometimes generic. This is not a scam tactic though; male members do the same thing. They craft an introductory email that they send to ladies they are interested in so they don’t have to re-type the same “getting to know me” text every time. If you don't respond to every email, don't worry, her feelings won't be hurt. It's just a reality of Online Dating.

It’s Not a Scam Because They Want to Talk to You

It’s not uncommon for a new member to receive 200 emails in their first few days. Given that there are over 13,000 ladies registered on HotRussianBrides.com, the ladies are very proactive because they 1) have limited time/access to the Internet and 2) are competing with other ladies vying for your attention. Something that is meant to give the man confidence and make him feel wanted, often times gets misperceived as a scamming tactic or a ploy to get your money.

Believe it Jack, they are chasing you too!

Not All Conversations Lead to Love

More times than not, just like in physical dating, introductory conversations will not lead to anything serious. Neither will the second, third or fourth conversation. The only reason men feel like they must always get something for their time is because they are paying for the service and the ladies are not. Plus, men are under the misconception that the ladies are being paid to chat on the site.

Just because the Credit Clock is ticking, doesn’t mean that the process will move any faster. Be patient and don’t move any faster than you are comfortable. Also, consider her level of interest and dedication before assuming she will be yours.

About Offensive Photos

Due to the differences in body image and culture, many of the ladies on our site are extroverts that are comfortable with their bodies. Because of this, they often time have sexy photos of themselves that they send to gentlemen as a teaser, much like someone dressing provocatively at a Night Club, it is meant to get the attention of the man. From then on, it’s up to the gentleman to use his charms to convince the lady that he is the right man for her. Much like in physical dating.

Scamming is one thing. Having realistic expectations is another. Before assuming you are being scammed because a beautiful Russian lady wants to chat with you, remember that they are chasing you just as much as you are chasing them.