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Jewish Gentlemen: Menorah Center Opens in Dnipropetrovsk

29. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments


Jewish men who plan to visit hot Russian brides in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk must include the Menorah Center among their places to see. The seven-towered 538,000 square foot center was just opened to the public two weeks ago and boasts the title of World's Largest Jewish Community Center. 


The seven buildings are arranged around the Golden Rose Synagogue in the shape of a menorah and contain a Holocaust Museum, a hotel, a kosher restaurant, and art galleries. There is also the Institute for Jewish Culture In Ukraine and a gallery that features photographs of 40 major synagogues in Dnipropetrovsk before the Nazi occupation and video footage about the Holocaust. 


"We all thought that there would be no Jews here today in 2012," said Beth Moskowitz from Boston's Jewish Community Relation Council at the grand opening ceremony. "And to see the amount of Jews that actually take part in the Menorah Center and in the synagogue, in the Golden Rose Synagogue, the activities here -- it's hard to believe. I actually think this is the center for Jewish community and the center for thriving and there has been an incredible revival."


Are you chatting with any ladies living near Dnipropetrovsk? Consider a visit to the Menorah Center during your Ukrainian vacation! 


Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Photo: Bogolyubov Foundation