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June Professional Holidays Honor Russian Women Journalists, Doctors, and More

8. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Russia and the Ukraine, like any country in the West, have established a series of professional holidays to honor the men and women who work in a variety of professions. Here are a few of the professional holidays that fall in the month of June.


June 5 – Ecologists Day

Ecologists Day, coinciding with World Environment Day, is a holiday honoring professional nature ecologists and nature lovers alike. This year, Greenpeace organized an Eco Festival in Moscow to raise awareness about the environment and teach citizens how to “go green.” Similar festivals and educational seminars take place across the country each year.

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June 6 – Journalists Day, Ukraine

In Ukraine, the 6th of June is a day to honor journalists and recognize the challenges they face in keeping the public informed. Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Ukraine presented awards to some of the nation’s best journalists and pledged to be open and available to the media. In Kiev, journalists held a march to protest censorship.

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June 8 – Day of Social Workers

June 8 honors the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others. This can include child, family, and school social workers; medical and public health social workers; or those who specialize in mental health and substance abuse. 


Third Sunday in June (June 20) – Day of Medical Workers

Medical Workers day honors doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who save lives and treat the sick and injured. Members of the medical community typically attend luncheons, seminars, or small parties held in their honor and receive awards for their dedicated service.

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Other professional holidays in June include Textile and Light Industry Workers Day (June 13), Migratory Service Workers Day (June 14), and Inventors/Innovators Day (June 27). If you see a lady on HotRussianBrides who works in one of the professions honored in June why not stop and say hello?