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Keep your Hot Russian Brides Account to yourself!

13. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

A few of our members have brought up the fact that they would like the opportunity to share their HotRussianBrides.com accounts with their friends. While we can certainly understand the desire to show off your direct access to almost 14,000 of the world’s most beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women, allowing others to access your account is definitely not the way to do it.


Our site’s Terms of Use detail that Users can only create accounts that are representations of themselves, and that creating any accounts that represent other people (and this includes your friend logging in under your account!) is breaking those terms of use.


Giving out your password, even to friends, is always a security risk. This means that someone who is not you has direct access to your identity and some of your personal information. We make every reasonable effort to keep the information you provide us secure from the outside world, but by giving someone your login information, you are effectively giving them back-door access to everything you have.


So how can I show HotRussianBrides.com to my friends?

If you want to demonstrate the functionality, the chat options, the powerful email system and the video quality that Hot Russian Brides members enjoy as part of their membership, the best way to go about it is to register a new account! Also, if you are a Premium Member, you can use our Premium Member Referral Program to encourage your friends to enjoy our service and get free credits in the process.


A HotRussianBrides Bronze membership is free and a great way to become acquainted with the system. You have no up-front costs until you want to communicate with ladies or read incoming emails and you will have the ability to view profiles, enter and edit your personal information and upload a picture.


After that, if your friend does decide he likes the system, he can upgrade to a paid membership or buy credit packages. If he does want to try out a few more of the services available to paid members, he can always take advantage of the Free Silver Membership.