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Kiev is the Most Beautiful City in the World, Says World's Most Traveled Man

4. April 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Fred Finn has visited 70% of the world's countries and while Kenya is his all-time favorite, Ukraine is included in his top three. 


"Kiev is the most beautiful city in the world," Fred says. "There are many beautiful cathedrals, the history is incredibly interesting, the women are stunning, and the language is much softer than Russian."


He also remarks on Ukraine's agriculture, in that nearly all of the food is grown organically. 


"There is unbelievable food and a great family culture and atmosphere, and it is very safe," he continues. 


As a Guinness World Record holder for his travels, Fred has traversed more than 15 million miles. Originally from Kent, England, he decided to move to Ukraine in 2005. He happened to fall in love with a Ukrainian woman during one of his vacations and they're now happily married.


Here are the top travel tips from the World's Most Traveled Man! 

  1. Pack clothes in plastic bags so they don’t crease. 
  2. Wrap all bottles in bubble wrap so they don’t smash. 
  3. Arrive early for your flight so you get the best seat selection and are not rushing around. 
  4. Make sure you are wearing shoes that come off easily for the security gates and know where all your metal items are.
  5. When going on a long journey, turn the time on your watch to the time of the destination and eat and sleep at their time. 
  6. Take two yards of string in case your suitcase handle breaks.