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Italian Institute of Culture Brings Italy to Ukraine

6. February 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Though Ukraine and Italy are over a thousand miles apart, the two nations have a close relationship. Over 223,000 Ukrainians live and work in Italy, comprising the nation’s fourth-largest immigrant community. Ukrainian neighborhoods in Rome, Venice, and Naples help bring Ukrainian culture to Italy, but the exchange goes both ways. Thanks to the Italian Institute of Culture in Kiev, Ukrainian men and women can learn more about Italy’s culture, people, history, and government.

The Institute organizes cultural events in a wide range of fields, including art, music, film, theater, and fashion. Events featuring Italian operas, museum exhibits, and authors are common in Kiev, and the Institute helps offer them at little to no cost. 

Ukrainians hoping to learn Italian can also enroll in the Institute’s language courses or win scholarships to study at a language school in Italy. The Italian Institute also operates an impressive library full of books, magazines, music, and movies. Admission to the reading room is free for friends of the Institute.

The organization also participates in various festivals throughout Ukraine, including the International Festival of Contemporary Music, Festival of European Cinema, and Kiev’s International Guitar Festival.

“Ukrainians and Italians are European peoples. We have so much in common, even our character and mentality,” said Nicola Franco Balloni, former director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Ukraine. “You know, sometimes it seems to me that Ukrainians and Italians were born of the same mother.”

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