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Kiev's Waste Museum: Trash or Treasure?

25. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you ever found an interesting item in someone’s garbage? This is how the collection at the Waste Museum began. If you’re a fan of the unique and unusual, you will enjoy a visit to the Waste Museum in Kiev, Ukraine.


There are thousands of items on display, with some more than 200 years old. It all began when employees of the City Secondary Resources Plant in Kiev decided to hold on to unique things they discovered in the garbage dump. After collecting for over 50 years, they realized they had enough interesting artifacts to put on display and another Ukrainian museum was born.


A wide assortment of items can be found. There are religious statues alongside military weapons. There is nautical equipment next to musical instruments. Old gramophones, telephones, cameras, and other rustic appliances and accessories are demonstrated. Plus, there is a whole section devoted to Lenin with portraits, flags, and busts galore.


Many of these items are very valuable and probably worth a small fortune. Collectors often wish to purchase the “waste” they find here, but the museum won’t sell. They want this trash to remain at the Waste Museum so visitors can enjoy the collection forever.